Monday, April 11, 2011

Stuck in the Moment.

Whatever happened to our innocence?


By the time I'm writing this,
I've browsing through the photos of her wedding,
over and over again.
How fast the time have flies.
  Or is it me.. who's too slow?

She's my best friend's sister.
-my childhood friend-
and she's also a friend of my sister.
She's the same age as her, 19.
and I remember as if, it were yesterday
we walked and played around the village,
or went to 'pasar malam' together,
and today, you're married.

Supposedly I should be happy.
I watch you growing up in front of my eyes
I remember the times when we all went to your grandma's house
we stalked a cute boy selling ABC
and then you got his number
and you asked him if he remembers me
and he said, 'Is she the one with glasses?'
I had a crush on that boy and I was very happy when he said that.
Oh, good old times

I guess fate has different plans for us
I wish we could be little girls again, messing and
fooling around,
making our moms worried~
not having to care about anything
here we are now
all grown up and walking on our own road.

I'm happy for you.
I guess your grandma was right,
"She would be the first to get married"
and guess what? who would have ever thought that
it would become true? =)

Ah, sometimes I wish I can grow up too.
Everyone around me is moving forward...
but I'm still busy playing with flowers
and watching the clouds pass by...
I'm stuck in the moment-
I'm not ready, to go anywhere.
Maybe, tomorrow.

Boleh beli baju baby! yay!


Herlisyatt said...

awlnye kawen

xox Faiqah xox said...

dah sampai jodoh dia..
kita enjoy dulu! =))

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃