Thursday, April 28, 2011

Justin Bieber....*facepalm*

MANILA, Philippines – It looks like international teen pop star Justin Bieber may have gotten too excited to sing before the Filipino crowds.
Based on the latest buzz online, Bieber reportedly greeted his audience “Hello, Manila!” instead of “Hello, Malaysia!” in his concert staged recently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
“Justin Bieber staged a very successful jampacked concert in Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last night April 21… But one funny ‘boo-boo’ happened when he showed up on stage and greeted his Malaysian fans ‘Hello Manila!’” wrote a blogger, who claimed to have a friend who watched the concert.

Ummm..what? Too bad we can't 100%  confirm the news because there's no solid proof that Justin Bieber really did mistaken Malaysia as Manila. If this is true... how stupid can he be actually? Is this a joke? Obviously he has no respect towards his fans..epic fail. Has he been traveling a lot that he got messed up with the world map? Maybe he never heard of Malaysia- yeah, as if he got into the plane and just decided to jump out anywhere to do a concert.

The most annoying part is... the Filipinos reactions toward this stupid mistake... "Hahaha.. Justin Bieber is too excited to come to Manila...", "That shows, Justin Bieber can't wait to perform in bla bla bla.."
Somehow they feel honored by Justin Bieber's mistake. -can't-understand-these-people-????

I remember the first time I saw Justin Bieber on Youtube. At that time he wasn't really famous, and he was promoting his first song, 'One Time' in one local radio (US). I think he looks like Miley Cyrus for some reason. He was very humble, very sweet back then. But now.. urghh..
I guess overload popularity, fan girls and money can somehow changed people. I don't really like him after I saw Dani Shay. I know Justin Bieber before his fever even spread to Malaysia and worldwide. And Justin Bieber today is not the same Justin Bieber I used to like.

I just wish girls and women in Malaysia don't get that obsessed with him. He is not that cute anyway. If you come to Portsmouth, you can find thousand of kids that look just like Justin Bieber, or even better. So, his face is just typical looks la...Malaysian boys are much cuter..ehem!

Why people willing to spend hundreds to watch Justin Bieber's nothing special concert but too stingy to spend RM10 to watch great local film like Merong Mahawangsa in cinema?? (sempat promote plak..hee)

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