Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's he doing in my dream?

My dreams can be so fascinating sometimes. I love dreaming! I really do! Omg, how pathetic does it sound? hahaha... I don't care.

One day I dreamed I was chasing my hamster and my cat all around the house. And I woke up feeling so tired and exhausted. (Wow, they run so fast! T_T) . How sssilly~ if someone ask me, why are you so tired today? Ooo.. because I was chasing my cat and my hamster, in my dream...hak hak!

But it's true. My dreams can have a powerful impact on me. Recently I dreamed that I went to Hawaii. It's beautiful.. but so HOT! I woke up and went crazy- craving for Pepsi with lots of  ice cubes! Hawaii's so hot!

One dream that I can never forget is this dream that I had, when I was little. I dreamed I was running and playing in a very big, beautiful garden. I could pluck and eat whatever fruits my hands can reach. It's so vivid, it seems so real. Sob,'s my favorite dream ever.

But last night was bizarre! I dreamed about Mario Maurer. Err.. I don't even know him and I haven't watch any of his movies and suddenly he appears in my dream. Shoosh 2x..go away. I don't really like him.  (GOD, he's so cute!!) Ehem,  yes, he's cute and all that but I think he's too depending on his cute face more than anything (erk..his fan please don't kill me). 

But still, it was a fun dream. I went to a library in Thailand with him and got to hug him and carry him around like a plushy toy- Atin don't be jealous..hahaha!

Oh, and that other day, I dreamed Bill Kaulitz is gay.(=_=)
[I'm seriously running out of things to dream]



CaraLov3 said...

well of course hes depending on his cute face.. hes a model.. a SUPER HOT one ! hahaha..
seriously.. hes such a cutie =)

xox Faiqah xox said...

first,he said he doesn't really want to be an actor-that's not what he wants to do in his life.

then, he became a singer but he said; it was just for fun-singing isn't my thing~bla2..

He seems like sooo lazy and don't know what to do with his life~
luckily he's cute- people still offer him jobs.

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃