Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magika is a real magik!

I'm still in Malay movies mood-

Okay, okay.. this is soo last year movie, but I've only watched it this morning, so this is a new movie for me. I love how Youtube helps people like me- whose far away from Malaysia but really want to watch Malaysia's movies free of charge. If only I'm in Malaysia when this movie is released, I would definitely travel to cinema to watch it!
So, MAGIKA... is it any good?

Hell, yes!!

And I wasn't saying this because it's directed by Yusry's brother, Edry, (actually ..yeah.. pretty much..) but because it is truly a very good piece of work! What's not to like? 

 It's weird how people say; 

-I'm fooled by Magika!
-KRU movies are sooo overrated!
-Kejap2 nyanyi, kejap2 nyanyi.. naik menyampah aku!
-Geli la.. Malaysian can make a musical movie, tak jadi!

These people ah.. *sigh*.. can't really understand them.. how much they complain about movies from KRU.. but they say nothing about movies made by Professor A Whatever~  compared to those crappy movies about anak mami, hantu jembalang.. mat merempit.. I think Magika deserves better praise...

Actors can't act?

I don't really like Mawi or Diana Danielle..but surprisingly, I like them both in this movie. I think they're so sweet! Some say Mawi can't act for nothing but I think he did just fine in this one. He did a great job portraying a hot-tempered man that even I get scared of him. Funny how they say that his acting was really bad in this one, trust me, I've seen worse. And the hair. Nothing's wrong with the hair. If only it doesn't look so shiny like the one in Sunsilk ad.. it'll be better's just too.. err..perfect..for a kampung guy living in a jungle.

And that little boy, Malik, he's really cute! but..please.. stop screaming.. I know his voice is tiny and all that.. but why must he screaming and yelling everytime he talks?

It's really interesting to see that many famous actors were involved in this movie. Though, some of them appears for only a minute or two, and some don't even have a line. My fav would be... 

-Nabil, as orang minyak whose seling one
-M.Nasir as orang tua whose actually a dragon. His scene is so powerful and intense!
- Ziana Zain as Nenek Kebayan.. funny, but what's with the voice??
-Sabri Yunus as Puteri Gunung Ledang's guard.. I laugh so much during his scene!
-KRU as the talking trees..okay, they're trees..why would you dislike a tree?That would be so cruel okay...
-Zaibo and a boy as .. err.. I'm not sure what was their characters, but they're really funny!

Their clothes...they're!
I just wish that the extras- the village people, would not look so pretty, I mean their costumes. They're supposed to be wearing dirty, 'worn-out' clothes, not 'new', hari raya clothes..[they're poor village people!] it's really small matter, but trust me, it's really distracting cuz it makes the setting seems unreal.
And for those who don't like the actors singing every two minutes... well, duh, it's called 'musical' for a reason! Of course it would involve a lot of singing and dancing. And plus, the songs were all great and suited the scenes- I can't see anything wrong with that. 

Music helps to create the mood. I'm almost in tears at the last scene, where Ayu can feel that Bad is somewhere near her, but she couldn't see him. And the song, 'Penyembuh Rindu' appears in the background. The music is haunting, fuh~ really really good one. 

Malaysia can make a good musical movie. Magika proves it.Maybe it's just 'them' who can't accept Malay musical movie- cuz they're too used to watch hantu, mat rempit and anak mami in cinemas..oh, peh-lisss~ aren't you bored?

I know, people have very high expectation everytime KRU produces a movie- that's why they're very critical when mengutuk, er I mean, 'menganalisa' KRU's work. This is a good thing, right? Well, conclusion, Magika is really good and really worth watching-that's all ya need to know.

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