Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Londoner Series : London Sea-Life Aquarium

The next place in our list is the London Sea-Life Aquarium, this place is just beside the London eye. At first I was expecting a magnificent tunnel walk surrounded with thousand of fish and sea life creatures, just like this one in US;

But, em.. how should I say this..well, the aquarium isn't as massive as I hope it'll be, and there's only few fishes in the aquarium; sharks, and well, several other fishes -I can't really name a fish, they all look the same to me. And there's eel, starfish, prawns, coral reefs, and sea urchin. Honestly, I was hoping that they would have something more 'exotic' and rare to show us, but most of the fishes they got, are those that we can find easily in any pet shops. But, hey, what do you expect? You want to see the whole ocean in the middle of London?

Plus, we all was walking in the wrong direction. Everyone else is walking from the first section to the last section, but we three started from the last section and upwards. I guess that's why we got a bit confused and missed some exciting things. Overall, the trip to aquarium is still enjoyable, if you really like watching fishes. It's so relaxing and soothing watching sharks and other fishes swimming in a large tank, plus, they even played a nice instrumental background song to get us into the mood. It makes us feel like everything is moving in slow motion!

one of the good thing: They educate us on sea-life awareness

On our way home from the Aquarium, we all
were craving for a nice SEAFOOD!!

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