Saturday, April 30, 2011

-iPhone x Android-

Am I a techno geek? Not really sure about that-
Technologies are sweet but I still believe one day they'll evolve into robots that will take over the world and destroy mankind. So, beware.
Lots of my friends, here or in Malaysia are using very 'sophisticated' phones.. I guess when we're above 20 years old, it's time to use that "over-sized jumbo touch screen phone" that can do almost anything.
Smart phones is cheaper and easier to buy in UK, and you can say that a phone with internet is a need here.

Ok, first. Why would I even need a phone?

I'm not the kind of person that like to stick much with my phone.
I don't really like to text and don't really like to talk over the phone.
My friends always get mad at me, cuz I'm soooo lazy to pick up calls and take hours (or even days!) to reply a text message.
I'm sorry guys,, can't help it. It's my avoidance personality.

To be honest, I use my phone mostly to 1. Look at the time, 2. to wake me up every morning. That's all.
errrr...Then, you should buy this phone la!

But, but, but... I do want to have a cool handphone for my own..=(
Now, the most popular handphone would be the iPhone;


Wow, iPhone is cool, nice, modern and great for entertainment .. but.. I don't know why I dislike this phone. Overrated, maybe? I think people buying this phone because all their friends are using iPhone. Yeah, iPhone wouldn't be so bad.. if it's cheaper. urghh,,Typical of Apple product, so expensive!
and iPhone is soo... a girl's phone. I don't like boys using iPhone..heheheeh. 


I don't really know what android is...but... the only android phones that I have my eyes on is HTC...

Cheaper but as good as the iPhone.(or maybe better!)

but, I will always want to own a...


I don't know why on earth would I want a phone that looks like a brick- I just, simply love this phone!
The square, nerdy phone with painful-looking buttons looks so damn attractive for unknown reasons.
for me, Blackberry is simply 'classy' compared to androids and iPhone.
I will own one, but maybe after I start working- this phone, after all, is for a career person.

The best phone i ever had. No kidding!

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