Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post untuk Yusry.

After spending several days at my friend's house in Coventry, I started to become interested with things happening in Malaysia right now. Why? Because my friends in Coventry like to watch Malaysia shows like Raja Lawak, AF, Imam Muda, and talk about Malay dramas and movies.

Malaysian shows, are they any good?

I don't know, I haven't really watch TV that much after I stayed in hostel. But We watched Maharaja Lawak on Youtube and it's hilarious! My fav would be Zizan! No one could make such a joke like him! He's soo funny!

Zizan yang sempoi!
Malay Movies....

Thanks to internet, I just realized that there's a lot of movies produced in Malaysia and some of them got millions of profits like Ngangkung- RM8 millions. Wow, that's really a lot. I remember back then when one of Senario movie got 6 million box office, people were really much excited about it. I want to watch the movie! I'm curious to know if it's any good.

BTW, I just finished watching Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah.

Kak Limah is so famous in UK! tehehe.. most of my friends already watch this movie -thank God someone helps to upload it on Youtube. I think the movie is so cute and funny, although some jokes were quite lame, but overall the story is cool! What I like the most is the 'kampung' setting and the loveable characters, they all make me miss my kampung so terribly.

RATU the movie?

Another new movie in Malaysia. I haven't watch it and I know I won't ever watch this. Watched the trailer on Youtube and it was soo crappy- I feel like stabbing the director to death. I can't believe how on earth this movie got to published in cinemas??
Who made this??! errr...Professor A. Razak Mohaideen.
Oh, no wonder.

and now, the most awaited film!

I haven't watch this movie yet, so I can't really tell how good or bad the movie is. I don't feel good to download this illegally~ or watch it illegally... I mean, after watching the trailer, I can't believe how awesome it is, and I know, this is the kind of Malay movies that I want to support. Too bad, I can't watch it on cinema, cuz I'm not in Malaysia and when it's showed in UK cinemas (in September!)  I've already went back to Malaysia. So, either ways, I can't watch it on cinemas! I am pretty mad cuz I can't contribute anything to support this movie. I think I'll asked a copy of this movie from my friend. Dying to watch this!

and ..... 


Has anyone noticed the title yet?  hehehe.. nothing much actually. I used to have a huge obsession with him years ago.. I even named my pen 'Yusry'..lol.. stupid girl. You might find this a lil weird, but different people attracted to different things-and Yusry's the only person above 30 years old that I would want to marry! lol

I still think he is the most talented and the most attractive male singer in Malaysia. He got the most unique voice and he got the most unique look. I love all KRU songs specially when it comes to Yusry's part- he sings so good!
Now, he's successful as film director but still singing once in a while. And he got so many gossip too! The latest would be with Lisa Surihani. They would look so cute together but I think Lisa looks to childish next to Yusry... I think Maya Karin would looks so perfect with him, yep.
I hope he'll continue to make good movies like Merong Mahawangsa and Cicakman- although I think Yusry has been working so hard that he looks so thin and messy now- wow, that makes me even want to support the movie more!

I just hope, just hope, just just hope I can meet him, so that I can tell him, "Abang Yusry, get some rest!! You look so tired!!" hehehehe...


k, that's all~ daa

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