Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Londoner Series : Madame Tussaud


Save the best for last! It's the famous Madame Tussaud!!

 And as you all know it's a place where they gather the wax figures of famous people. Singers, actors, politicians, sport stars, royal families, cartoon characters..just name it! We went there at 3'clock in the evening and there's hundreds and hundreds of people, although it supposed to be an off-peak time. Yep, now I know why some people hate their visit to Madame Tussaud. If you went on a wrong time, at morning or weekend, then you won't enjoy yourself, cuz there will be a massive crowd of people, flocking to this place.

I was quite irritated at first, because we only have about 2 and a half hour to spend at this place, but we have to wait for turns to take pictures with the dolls. And people will be pushing you and knocking you, and got into our pictures, and we got into someone else pictures~ I don't like crowded place and it's hard to distinguish which one is real people and which one is the doll, cuz sometimes, they all look alike.

Probably the one that I got most excited to take picture with is Justin Bieber's wax. I don't really have idols or someone that I'm really crazy for right now, so I wasn't as thrilled as other people who got to meet their idols (well, in a form of wax). But Justin Bieber is famous, so why wasting this chance?

While I was walking toward Justin to take picture, a bunch of little girls saw him and jumping and screaming like mad in my ears! omg, it's JUSTIN BIEBER! AAHHHHH!!!! and after making me half deaf, they rushed to take pictures with him and I've to wait for ages to get my turn. 

Yosh! Did it! 

Wuwuu... Mimi got a better close-up picture with Justin Bieber.. ah, I WILL COME BACK to get a better picture with you, Justin!

I can't believe how small he really is. At first I thought the wax is in smaller size; but ....

The above picture prove that 'people-Justin Bieber' and 'doll-Justin Bieber' is actually; the same size. 

We managed to get a lot of pictures with other dolly, SRK, Shrek, Tinkerbell, Britney, Miley, Zac Efron, but I'm too lazy to put them all up here, I got them all on my facebook anyway.

Okay, maybe I'll put one with the Beatles.. gosh, I love the Beatles, they're awesome.

They also have 'Taxi ride' which is so cool! We got into a taxi and it'll take us on tour- through the history of London and showing us some really cool puppets and stories. It was so fun and educational!

What?! Again? None of us know that they also have a scream tunnel in Madame Tussaud. After what happened in London Dungeon, Nazihah chose to run away and only me and Mimi left. Oh, whatever. I won't waste my money, I need to try everything! So, we both bravely entered the tunnel and guess, we screamed twice as much as we did in London Dungeons. It's hella scary! The place is all dark with lights flashing and there will be lots of actors jumping and screaming at you. I was keeping my hands on my head all the time and was running through the tunnel, I was so scared! But Mimi still have time to talk to one of the ghost; "He he.. I already saw you just now", O my gosh Mimi... I was really screaming my heart out cuz I can't stand the panic feeling and knowing that there will be someone going to attack you any seconds... it's like we're trapped in dark unknown place and there's people wanted to kill you, it was that intense!

I love Madame Tussaud, I'm looking forward for a second time visit! =))

~The End of the Series~

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