Friday, April 29, 2011

Merong Mahawangsa would be the last...

Just as I thought. I can't wait to watch the epic movie, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. And I've just finish watching it! omg~!!


I'll be honest; the part that I don't like about this movie is:

The Chinese Princess, I'll bet she can act better. When she speak English, she sounds fake and stiff. But she can talk better in Malay language! Or is it a voice-over? Well, she's so pretty nevertheless.
Why were the Indian uncle at the early part of the story spoke in broken English? It kinda ruins the mood.
I noticed during the fighting scenes, each time Merong stabbed a person, the sword will go right through the body, but when the person fall down, there's no trace of blood or even the wound on his skin. It heals as soon as he touched the ground?
The CGI used at the end of the movie- to portray the look of Tanah Melayu under the rule of Sultan Mudzafar Shah, I don't know why but the CGI looks weird in this scene. 
Marcus's injury was quite serious when he was stabbed by Kemawas that it would be almost illogical that he can still survived.
 The fighting scenes sometimes too brutal that every sword will go right through the bodies-is human bodies too thin and soft? blood will spill out everywhere-though it's just a simple slash.

I'm trying to think on more things that I hate about this movie, but those are all that I can think of. =)

But I like this movie because;

  It was directed by the hottest brother, Yusry KRU. Ok, he will be forever my bias.=))
The movie was shot in Terengganu..hehehe
The movie score is super awesome!
  This movie shows how much ignorant (or is it ignorance?) we are towards our own heritage, myth and folk tales. To be honest, I knew nothing about Merong Mahawangsa before and I've forgot everything about history of Malacca and Tanah Melayu as soon as I left school. Ashamed of myself =(.
I believe the CGI effect is really outstanding in this movie.
The movie has everything; funny, sad, thrilling and exciting moments. It's really fast-paced. No dull scenes at all!
The actors are superb. Stephen Rahman really showed a great effort and other actors too. Umi Nazeera is gorgeous! 
Almost cried when the good characters started to die one by one.. T_T
I could go on forever but to conclude, this is definitely one of the best Malaysian movie that need to be appreciated and supported.

But.. typical Malaysian.... too hard to be pleased.........(and I don't simply create these statements.. they were all real statements made by real people all over the internet)

- Aiyohh.. there's so many inappropriate scene la.. 18sx.. not suitable to be watched with families la..
So many people are talking about 18sx scenes, But I couldn't see any? Or was I watching a 'clean' version? The only scenes that can be categorized as 'mature scenes' are when the Chinese Princess were bathing, and when Kemawas  tried to rape the princess, which only happened in less than a minute. It's nothing really...the scenes in 2 Alam is worse la....Or are they referring to the gory fighting scenes? well, the fighting scenes were so terrifying that I couldn't bear to watch sometimes.

-Stupid la... when Merong use the mirrors to burn the
I believe that really happened in the story, Merong did use the mirror technique to defeat the pirates. It may look ridiculous, but then again, this is 'Hikayat', KRU won't simply making things up. We should at least care to know and read the story first.

-KRU focus too much on CGI, the storyline is empty.
Without the use of CGI this film would not look as good as it is now. The CGI is crucial as it plays a big part to create the story. And the story isn't boring at all! I feel like reading a story book with moving pictures!

-Stephen Rahman's Malay sounds so funny! lol
Yah? really? I think his Malay is quite good. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

-This film is so boring.. I yawn and fell sleep a few times in cinema..what a waste!
O.. really? *give a good flying-kick on this person's face*

As simply a regular movie-lover who have no knowledge about movies at all.. I can say I enjoy watching Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa very, very much. Some people were disappointed cuz this film isn't as critical/serious as Puteri Gunung Ledang, but this is exactly what the director intended to do. The film is light, fun, funny and action-packed, great for entertainment but still full of values and important message.

Plus, this film is made with only RM8 million, and people even compare it with Hollywood movies like 300 (65 million US dollar) and Pirates of Caribbean (140 million US dollar). You know how hard is it to produce such great movie with limited budget?

Poor Abang Yusry la.. he went through a lot of troubles to make this movie. Sampai kurus keping, hitam kulit berjemur kat pantai Terengganu tu..hehehe..sorry bang, Terengganu's so hot! 2 years spent to complete this movie that he once said, he had enough and felt like vomiting every time he had to start working. He would expect to get 'kritikan membina' not 'kutukan menghina'.. so, please suppport this cutie...hehehehe (omg, I'm so gonna buy the DVD!). I thought he said he won't be making anymore epic movies but then KRU announce their second epic movie, Vikingdom, and most probably will be directed by Yusry again. mmm... as much as I want abang Yusry to keep on producing good movies, I'm so concern on his health. Please, take care!

Merong Mahawangsa would be the last movie for me. To watch in this holiday. malasnya!!!

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