Friday, April 15, 2011

K-Pop Rant.

If you're a big fan of anything, please don't proceed.
I'm bashing K-pop culture in this post.

Yeah, I used to be a BIG fan of K-Pop, a long time ago...before it wasn't so overrated like today. 

I don't really have problem with people liking K-pop, we all have our own interest and preference- and I respect that. Things started to mess up when the horrible k-pop virus starting to go out of control and poisoning all my friends, taking them away from me. T_T
Now, they are all very sick,they seems to be unaware of their surrounding, they communicate in weird language, they hallucinating and talk about their 'oppas' 24/7- and totally ignoring me sometimes. I wish they can see how worried I am, when my dear friends are starting to show signs of unhealthy obsession.
People can easily trapped into K-pop obsession due to several reasons. Handsome face, beautiful face, catchy songs, cool and cute image... and lots more. Yes, it was mesmerizing at first, but soon you'll notice how fake and cliche everything is.
The song......

Back then, K-pop groups were unique, versatile and held strongly to their own concept. 
Now, every songs sound the same. Everything is repetitive, the same tunes and words,
The voices are heavily auto-tuned, with loud techno beat in the background...if I listen to a new Korean song on the radio, I can never guess whos the singer because they all sound exactly the same. 
But there are still some good Korean songs with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody, just not so popular.
And what's with the exaggerating, viral music videos??  plus- with the overly dramatic dance moves that sometimes aren't even fit the song.

Sexist image  
Can I just say that K-pop girl bands are just soo annoying? 
I believe K-pop is just so sexist. If you can understand the word. 
The girls are skinny as stick, wearing super short skirts or underwear-like-pants, dancing and shaking their butt to the stupid songs, trying too hard to look cute and innocent~pffttt
Some can't even sing that good!
I guess that's why our boys like K-pop so much~
I can't stand some girls singing and faking their voice to sound as if they're 5 year olds (For the sake of being cute)... oppa! oppa! oppareul saranghae~ Seriously, stop. you sounds so retarded.

And..What's with the over-revealing clothes? I don't think they help people to sing any better~
You're just attracting some perverts and old men to drool over you.
And please, they need to stop stereotyping 'beauty'!
Beauty doesn't necessarily means you have to be super skinny, double eye lids (fighting over eye lids is just hell stupid), long stick-like legs, flawless skin and all that.
All they do are just encouraging girls to get plastic surgery!

Put your clothes back, boys!

Another thing is, what with all the fuss about the 'chocolate abs' and everything? It's gross! 
"omg, look, xxx'x honey abs! kyaa~" " xx's famous 6-pack!! I'm gonna die~"
what's wrong with girls today? So embarrassing looking at boy's body and brag about it to the whole world.
Seriously, what's this has to do with singing??

Yup, one thing I don't like about k-pop is how certain things are just soo fake
I'm sick of how they are just pretending and acting in front of camera~ everyone is trying so hard to get attention.
The guys were acting all cute and that~
The girls were laughing as loud as they can~ and smile as -w i d e- as they can.
and some of them were acting so stupid, it's disturbing for some reason. (Apparently because 'dork' is in at the moment, so everyone wants to be dork) 


You so can tell if someone is naturally funny and cute, with someone who's pretending to be funny and cute. 
And what I hate most is their 'aegyo' thingy~  so annoying and fake! urghhh
Seriously, 'acting cute' is just getting so overrated and annoying each day.

Their over-acting fans

Some fans really need to chill out.
I don't really like how certain k-pop fans were over-acting over matters that have nothing to do with their life. 

A: xx goes out with xxx!!!! Omg, xxx is the ugliest girl! xx should go with xxxxx instead!
B: I think xx suits well with xxx, you're just jealous.. and btw, xxxxx is not that pretty anyway.
C: xxxxx and xxx are both ugly like noodles! Oppa xx should date me instead!

To be honest, I'm getting sick of die-hard K-pop fans especially those who are not even Korean making a war over Internet-you guys have nothing better to do eh? Why make a fuss over small matter?
It just very annoying when fans are fighting over silly things - 
when you go to Youtube, fan of SNSD are in war with fan of Wonder Girls, fan of Super Junior are enemies with fan of Anti-Super Junior. Grow up, you bunch of kids! 
There are more serious things in the world that you should fight about. My goodness.
That's why people were saying; K-pop fans are the most highly sensitive group of people in the world.
Mess with them and you're dead.
It's actually fine to be a fan, but please be a 'professional', mature fan. Don't get pissed off and declare a war whenever your 'oppa' is being oppressed or anything.

K-pop used to be so cool.
but not anymore.
Now, they're just too focusing on image, face and those silly stuff
the new artists just want to debut for fame and fun
instead of exploring their talent or selling their music.
The handsome and pretty one get famous easily,
The real talented one get neglected and lost.
the idols are just being exploited by the company
who only interested in making money and profits.
one day, you'll get bored and left, just like I did.

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