Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cun! sweet!

Is it too obvious that I've been spending my free time watching movies instead of doing assignmentsss? ah, I hate myself.

Anyway, this initially to be included with Magika, but my post have become soo long that I decided to do a separate post for this film.

I thought I've to wait a few months to watch this movie in DVD version, but I was wrong! The DVD version is already available to be download bought.

I watched the trailer first, a must thing to do before watching a full movie- and the trailer isn't really good, imo~ it just look like another typical comedy love story. I'm sorry but the trailer looks really cheap, the story is actually much better than that.
But after I watched this music video- the theme song for the movie sang by Remy and Maya, I instantly fell in love and can't wait to watch the movie, they look really sweet!!

Watched the movie, it's really good.  Maya Karin is so pretty, love her hair!
Don't know why, but Maya seriously looks so beautiful in this-or I just didn't noticed that she's always beautiful,lol.

And the hero, Remy also looks gorgeous in this movie. He plays the 'kampung guy' character so well!

Other characters like Tom, Manis and Putat - they're loveable! The one that plays the 'mentally challenged' girl- she's really good.

Even Kembang the Kerbau did an impressive acting in this movie, wow!

To sum up, I like this movie because:
  • Maya (Luna) and Remy (Atan) looks so sweet and good together. 
  • I like how they portrayed the 'kampung' scene and 'orang kampung' characters. 'Orang kampung' can sometimes be so weird and so 'kecoh'- I know this cuz I'm also orang kampung..tehee
  • This movie is so funny and I laugh. Faiqah laugh?-omg, this must be very funny movie.
  • This movie has some sad moments and I cried, well, almost.-omg, Faiqah almost cried, there must be some really emotional scenes.
  • Evil Characters played by Ning and  Jehan are hillariously funny!
  • The movie is fun and there's no boring moment at all.

but, there's something that I don't really like about the movie:

  • Maya's acting is not as good as others. Sometimes it appears as if Tom is the main female character instead of Luna, only towards the ending of the story that Luna have more screentimes.
  • Tom is cute and all that, but, seriously, stop shouting and yelling. Omg, my ears! and I understand that she supposed to be a tomboy, but, the way she sit and talk- quite inappropriate sometime.
  • Tom secret love towards Atan. umm..What's the point?
  • I love how the characters are very natural in acting and laughing-no holding back-no control2.. but it gets so annoying after a while. Too much shouting, too much yelling, too much laughing 'hysterically' err.. well, I guess I'm just a bit sensitive with noises.
 But the movie is really good and must watch.

please..please... I'm too lazy to do my assignments,


Qarinah Muizzah said...

Huhuu, best bezt! Ak nangis cm beby bila Manis merajuk pasal hal senget tu. Waaaa, sedih2. Comeyyy gila cita nih.

xox Faiqah xox said...

ha.. ak pon bergenang air mata.. sedih sgt part tu..
overall mmg best la..
ada lucu ade sedih...hehehe

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃