Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So hard is it? to decide.

Everyone is busy talking about interviews and stuff... it's that 'time' of the year again..

I remember when I need to decide what I'm going to do next after SPM, becoming a teacher is the least thing I had in mind. I understand why teens don't really fancy the idea of going to 'maktab' and become a teacher. I mean, come on... we just had enough with schools and their stupid rules- boys want to grow their hair long, girls want to wear jeans to class- and we never ever want to go back to school!

I really want to go to university after SPM. I think university student have waaay more fun than a maktab student. I like how things are more casual and laid back in university, but in maktab..  everything is just.. so..'formal'. urghh~

My mom really want me to pick Maktab, she filled the form and prepared all the documents for me-and I just did the essay thing on the morning before the interview. I went to the interview wearing sandals and sling bag, while other kids was wearing shiny black shoes and handbag - just so they'll look like..teachers. It's amazing how I went through the whole interview looking like a mess.

I did get the maktab and I also get the offer from university. And they were the same course-TESL. Half of me want to pick university, but the other half want to choose Maktab. My mother was like, "it's up to you to decide", but it was too obvious that she wants me to go to Maktab. @_@ O well, whatever!

So, here I am now.
In University.
After two years in Maktab.
And I'm still going to be a teacher one day (Insya-Allah).

I guess I got what I wish for. To experience life as a university student.

And I admit that the only reasons why I agree to go to Maktab are because of  
1. Allowance, 
2. Free trip to UK.
I never give a dang about 'becoming a teacher', 'to serve my country and my nation' bla bla and whatever craps I said in my interview. But as the time passes by, I starting to develop interest in my future profession. Without realizing it, I'm thinking of ways and methods to teach my future students. I'm planning games and activities for them, and I'm thinking hard on how to get kids interested to learn English. I can't believe I say this but...I 'm excited to start working!!

Sometimes, we complain how we can not choose things that we want in our life. If I can choose, I definitely on my way to be a 'movie director' by now, lol (I'm serious, I want to be a movie director). But then, things that we want, is not always the right one for us.  God knows what's the best for us, and God makes no mistakes.

There's nothing wrong to choose 'the road less traveled by', if you're strong and determined person. Since there will be a lot of challenge along the way. But if you're sure you can pull it off, then go ahead. If you want a 'secure' place in the future, then just choose whatever seems best at the moment. We can never predict what will happen in the future, and our hearts and minds will mature along the process.

Things that we hate today, might be the things that we'll love one day.

Once a decision have being made, there's no turning back.
But we will always have choices.

we can choose to;
a)accept the fate, work hard and get the best out of the choice we made or;
b)blame people, waste our young age and get NOTHING at the end.

so? what's your choice?

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