Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bubur Cha Cha!

This post has nothing to do with cooking~

It's Sunday, yay. Monday will come next. And school will come after. And assignments. And Exams.And packing. And getting my way out of this place. and Back to home! If only I can skip all the tiring things and just go straight back to home...warghhhh!!!!!

[Sebenarnya sy nak tulis post ni dalam BM but idk, maybe because I've trained myself to write and type in English- everytime, I'm blogging- lagipun...klau type dlm BM, msti ak guna singkatan2 yg mrosakkan ayt, ah..x suka, x suka.. klau utk msg, xpe.. tp utk karangan..x nmpak cntik..aisehh..]
What I want to tell you, dear bloggie?

oh, Do you know that famous 'Royal Wedding'? Yeah, William and Kate!
Everyone in UK (and the world) is soo excited about it. Me? well--so-so.

Some of my friends even went to London to see the wedding. I know I won't be going, cuz I think I've been spending too many days In London during this break. Watched the live coverage on Youtube, couldn't stand all the annoying noise and cheering. Turn it off. Well, Actually, it would be great if I went there, so that I can tell my grandchildren one day that I actually went to see Prince William's wedding.

btw, Prince William used to look so hot! back then- before he lost that lovely golden hair of him.=_=

Then every girls started to dream of marrying a prince and have a royal wedding too..
err...Are you guys sure you want that...?
you can't go to the park, lepak2 and eat ice-cream with your 'prince'..
or go to Tesco, hunting for the cheapest food ..
or eat at KFC, go watch movies on weekend, you know.. normal things that normal people do...
it's better to marry ordinary boy la.. miskin pon x pe..asal hensem baik.

and then, I stalked the KRU brothers -on their Facebooks...hehehe (this story is so not in the right orders).

I was startled when I read Edry's status:

the next day, he posted this;

hey, cilakak..loyar buruk tul Edry...hehehe
I like these brothers.. they're so funny..hehehe


omg, They have return!

One by one the resident of Harry Law hall has come back from their holiday...
This means... no more karaoke-ing in the room
No more freely going to the kitchen with just wearing hoody
No more peaceful and quite nights...
arrhhh.. i hate when this happen...=(

Just one month.. just one month...

finished all the freaking assignments
settle everything in UK

then only I can go back to Malaysia..
yippee..but still not so excited thinking about the long super tiring journey.

it's true when some say,
Good things in life don't come soo easily...

soo.. this is the end of the post...which don't quite really make any sense,,hummph.

♥ this unplugged version-sempoi jer...hihi

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