Sunday, October 17, 2010

3 Little Stars in the Sky.

I remember back at home,
Sometimes at night,
I went out to, kawasan 'telaga' rumah kami,
where there's no roof and we can see the sky,

Sometimes in a very clear night,
When there's no clouds above,
there are hundreds and hundreds of stars,
sparkling and gleaming.
all looking down at me

Among all the stars,
I would always notice these three little stars,
lying in one straight line.
How cute!

I always think that the three little stars,
represent each of us,
one for me,
one for you
and one for you.

Those stars were always up there,
each time I looked up at the sky.
I wonder if they are still there now.
Can anyone look for them and tell me?

I wish I could go out at night and find those stars again
But, I never have a chance to do that.
I don't think I can see those three little stars in UK

How I wish I could go back home and
see our stars again.

I'm okay,
It's just Sometimes,
I miss you too much~

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