Friday, October 15, 2010

My lovely Kitchen!^^

I didn't really spend much time in the kitchen,
but now, I went there a lot,
to cook and keep my stuff in the fridge.
I used to wait until there's absolutely no people in the kitchen,
but now, I don't really care anymore~
ramai orang ke, x de orang ke..
masuk jer..
hey, this is my kitchen too!
I pay a hell lot of money to stay here, so I've every right to use this place.
(kes tension nak kena bayar duit hall lagi, adoii)

My kitchen is not, emm.. so clean..
Probably because the people living with me is just a bunch of 'children'
all they know is just to eat, drink and play
eat, drink and cute!

One morning I went to the kitchen
and was amazed by how 'terrible' it looked,
I just have to grab my camera and take a snap on this spectacular view!

I remember in IPDA,
there's like 20-30 students in one corridor,
sharing one kitchen/pantry..
and it's not as messy as this!
and here it's just 8 people!
Sometimes, I help to wash the dishes,
but now I'm just too busy to even care about, yeah~

2 days ago..

I went to the kitchen,
and it was so clean, I thought I must be dreaming
the plates were all clean and the rubbish were all gone,
I said to myself..
ahh.. nasib baiklah korang dah insaf..hoho^^

....later that day, I found out that because the new students are coming in,
they sent the cleaners to clean every kitchen in the hall.
Okay. I knew it. Sedih balik..huhu!

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