Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My One and Only.

Every time I watched a really good movie,
I feel obliged to spread a word about it
and secretly hoping that people are gonna be interested on it too.
well, they say, good things are meant to be shared~

In the midst of homework and other tasks to do,
I just finished watching a really great movie,
though it's not really, a type of movie that I would normally watch.

Have to admit it though,
The only reason I watched it on the first place is,
Logan Lerman.

Can I just tell a lil bit about the story...?

It's about a mother who left her husband after he cheated on her and dragged along her two sons, traveling around the states to find a new rich husband for herself.
Along the journey, the mother met all kind of rich men but none is good or sincere enough to marry her. George (Logan) wanted his parents to get back together but his mother has long gave up hope for such thing to happen. While his gay step brother, Dan, couldn't care less and only dreaming about being an actor. Along the journey, they learn something new about each other, and gain unexpected lessons on life, hope and a special, complicated thing called 'bond'.

This is such a heart-whelming movie,
I laughed, I gasped, I almost cried,
it a lovely story.

Mummy and Daddy had a little fight.

'Crazy' Mummy left Daddy, bought a car and took George and Dan out of their school.

Mummy knew they're getting poorer and had to find a rich new husband immediately!

They moved from place to place and George is getting sick with all these and wanted to go home to his Daddy.

But all Mummy said is "Don't worry, everything will be alright, I have you and you have me."

Note: It doesn't matter if your parents are perfect or not.
Most of the time, they're just being human.
But what really matters is their unconditional love towards you,
then who are you to complain?

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