Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dare to fly, little Dandelion!

Once upon a time, there live a Dandelion flower in the middle of a field.
When the Dandelion is young, it appears as a bright beautiful yellow flower.

But as the Dandelion grew older, the little petals changed into thousand of little Dandelion seeds,
these are the Dandelion sons and daughters.

When the right time comes,
the wind will come over and blow away the Dandelion seeds.
The proud mother Dandelion will cheers for her sons and daughters as they fly,
"Fly away my babies, fly away.. and live your own life in this beautiful world,
my prayers will always be with you!"

But, there was this little Dandelion daughter, the tiniest and littlest of them all,
still attached to her mother,
She refuse to fly and leave her.
"Mother, I'm scared! I don't want to go, I wanna stay here with you!" She cried.
The Dandelion mother try to make her daughter to fly but she really doesn't want to go.
The mother Dandelion then gave up, knowing that
the little Dandelion daughter need more time before she could be brave enough,
to fly on her own.

That one night,
When there's only the two of them now,
the mother Dandelion tells her daughter a story,

" When I was a child, I live with my mother, brothers and sisters near a train station, just like all of you, we're all become too big for our mother and we couldn't live with her anymore,
so, one day we kiss her goodbye and fly away.."

"Mother, aren't you scared to live you life alone?" asked the little Dandelion

"I was.. but I know I have to be brave. The world is too beautiful to hide away from. I had an amazing journey once I left, I saw so many beautiful places, so many beautiful people,
I learn about things that I never know before, and do things that I never dreams to do
I fly over the mountains top, I fly among the blooming flowers,
and I fly above the busy streets of city"

"Sometimes, when it gets too cold and lonely, I'll rest on the top of the roof,
and sleep under the stars and the moon, I know I'll never be alone"

"Then I'll continue my journey, until I've found the place to settle down and
spend the rest of my life. Now, it's my turn to see you all fly and go on your own adventures"

The little Dandelion is so inspired by her mother's story that she's no longer feel scared.
"What an amazing life you have there, mother! I promise when the next wind comes, I'll fly away and have my very own adventure!"

As soon as she says that, the wind comes and blow away the little Dandelion. She cried goodbye to her mother and promise her that she'll live a happy life, just like her mother did.

The mother Dandelion is very happy for her daughter, although she knows that she's all alone now.

***the end***

Maybe I'm just as..
scared as the little Dandelion,
I don't want to grow up, I don't want to leave you
I don't want to go to my own adventure
knowing that you'll be alone at home
Maybe all I want is to be a little child again.
so that I can stay by your side forever.
But you want me to fly away and have a better life than you have

So like the small little Dandelion,
I'll be brave and fly away,
make my own journey
and live the best life I possibly could.

I love you, mother.


CaraLov3 said...

teringt citer doremon~
haha !
gillew sedey T_T

xox Faiqah xox said...

memang inspirasi dari cerita doraemon..
tp ak cite wat mane ak igt jer.. so mybe x brape tepat.. sini ada bnyk bunga dandelion wat sama dlm citer tu..
so, tiap kali ak nmpak bunga dandelion, ak mesti tringat citer tu..he3

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃