Saturday, October 23, 2010

The most promising voice~

I will always love you

1. Connie Talbot ( 7 years old)

Cute! so amazing for a seven years old to sing so nicely!

:: ability+sweetness+emotion::

2. Charice Pempengco (15 years old)

powerful.. but I don't know.. her voice is too deep that it sound scary and painful for me..haha


my fav one would be from this girl,

3. Caroline Costa (13 years old)

:: ability+power+control+sweetness+emotion+dynamic::

She's truly amazing!

I think singing is not all about the ability to hit that high note, but also the ability to play with all kind of notes and how to add 'flavors' and 'twist' to that song. So, Caroline is deff' the best!

and there's also this girl;

Federica Lombardo (13 years)

Just an ordinary girl.. with a super-ordinary voice..bravo!

I still don't know what so 'fuss' about Charice.. there's so so so much amazing young talents out there, people just have to open their eyes, and open their youtube.. lol!

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