Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey, listen.

Once upon a time, there live a King,
he's a great ruler of his country,
but he never seems to be satisfied with what he had
One day, he asked one of his wise minister,

"Am I not the greatest and the wisest king ever lived?"
"No, your Majesty, there's always other people whose greater and wiser than us"

The King was not happy with the answer and he ordered his minister to collect all the knowledge in the world so he can read them and be the wisest man ever.
He sent seven people to search for seven different knowledge, in seven part of the world.
So the seven people traveled out of the country
and for years they studied and collected all the knowledge they could find
and transformed them into books.
Each of the people wrote seven volumes of books and one day, they were called by the King to present what they had found after all the years.

The King was not very fond of reading so many volumes of books
so he requested the men to sum up the knowledge into seven books
The men gathered and had a discussion and later they managed to come out with seven books.

But the King was still too lazy to read the books,
so, he asked the men to shorten the books to be only seven pages long.
Once again the men had a discussion and picked only the best knowledge to be written on the seven piece of papers.
But the King was still too lazy to read all of them, so he asked the men to shorten the pages into seven paragraphs long. The men discussed among them and came out with seven paragraphs.

The King still found the seven paragraphs to be a lot to read and he ordered the men to shorten the seven paragraphs into seven sentences and presented it to him.
The men did what he asked and presented the seven sentences of the knowledge to the King,
however the King said,

"I want you to make these seven sentences into only one sentence"

The men had the final discussion among them and later went to see the King.

"Have you come out with the sentence?"
"Yes, your Majesty"
"Read it out loud, I want to hear it"

The man read the sentence,

"Everything comes with a price"

The king was surprised to hear that and he got angry at the men for presented something 'useless'

"No, your Majesty, it's not something insignificant. You want to be the wisest man ever lived and learn all the knowledge of the world, but you are unwilling to pay for the price. You're unwilling to go out and look for it yourself. Once you had the knowledge in front of you, you're too lazy to read them. So, there's no possible way that you are able to acquire your wish."
"We, on the other hand, are willing to pay for the price, we left our homes, we left our beloved ones and we traveled to other side of the world, to get the knowledge that we want. We got what we wished for, ..but your Majesty, it's not that easy, everything comes with a price"


Almost everything in this world comes with a price,
you want happiness, then you have to sacrifice something in return.

you want to taste the sweetness of true love,
then you have to pay by feeling the bitterness of a fake love,

You want friends,
then you have to pay by putting your ego aside,
putting your sellfishness away,
be willing to be there for them,
accept them at their worst,
so they too,
will accept you at your worst.

You wanted a happy life,
but you wish for it to be easy,
you wanted to be loved and cared by people,
but you, are unwilling to love and care for other people.
And yet, you still wonder why you're alone.

You still haven't got what you want,
because you're unwilling to pay for the price,
bigger things come with a bigger price,
Precious things come with greater sacrifice

This is a story that my teacher told me when I was
in form 1, I love it and still thinking about it until now.

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