Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The most beautiful boy.

Just finish watching 'Death in Venice' for the second time,
and is still being mesmerized by the 'beauty' of this boy.

The movie is based on a short story wrote by Thomas Mann,
one of the best story ever!
and the movie is not bad either..
I love every second of it
if you're interested to know what the story is all about,
read the summary below:

Gustav von Aschenbach is an aging German writer who went for a trip to Venice. At his hotel he notices an extremely beautiful fourteen-year-old Polish boy named Tadzio, who is visiting with his mother, sisters, and governess. At first, Aschenbach's interest in the boy is purely aesthetic, or so he tells himself. However, he soon falls deeply and obsessively in love with the boy, although the two never have direct contact.

Aschenbach spends days on end watching Tadzio play on the beach, even following his family around the streets of Venice. Cholera infects the city, and although the authorities try to conceal the danger from the tourists, Aschenbach soon learns the facts about the lethal epidemic. However, he cannot bear to leave Tadzio and stays on in Venice. He becomes progressively daring in his pursuit of the boy, gradually becoming more and more debased, until he finally dies of the cholera, degraded, a slave to his passions, stripped of his dignity.

Tadzio (Bjorn Andressen)

isn't he just..perfect?? haha.. i love the purity of his face.. such a classic looks.
he looks like a Prince^^
ahh.. such beauty should be forbidden for the eyes to see

He's truly a piece of art.=)

too bad Bjorn is 55 years old now..T_T
so, he's not that beautiful as he used to be..
oh, well
my 'Tadzio' will always
live young in my dreams..

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