Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stonehenge is evil? Shut up~

Went for a trip to Stonehenge and Salisbury with other students last week.

Stonehenge doesn't really interest me so much, lol. It's freezing cold and it's hard to concentrate on its beautiful surrounding if you have to 'hug' yourself all the time.

This thing is like very famous, but why does it actually smaller than what I imagined?

But, hey, the famous Stonehenge is only an hour drive from Harry Law, that's what I call 'amazing'..hahaha

Visitors can't go nearer..cause people might steal the rock or anything..pfftt~

Some people say, who cares about a bunch of rocks? Stonehenge is evil!!!!!!
people are amazed by these ridiculous things?

I say, "shut the hill up, please"..hahaha!

Nothing's wrong with doing some research and coming up with theories and stuff~
but for me,

Stonehenge is just a circle of stones
that has been living in the same place for 5000 years.
No one separated them, no one moved them ever since
the world around them changes over time
but Stonehenge stays the same
How could we possibly know what the stones had
witnessed for thousands of years.

Don't you just wish that you could be like them??
staying with your beloved one
not having to move out and go far away from each other?
People come, people go,
people live, people die
How short is our life compared to a stone.

(This is how my little girl's brain sees Stonehenge, lol)

Later we went to Salisbury,

It's a nice English village with mesmerizing view and peaceful feeling. But at the same time, it has a lot and lot of shops and shopping places, one day is far from enough to explore the whole place.

Salisbury is a more pleasant place compared to Southsea..
waa.. I wish I could live there instead!
the place is like a fairytale!

Well, whatever, I still love my home the most!


FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

cantik gila permandangan dye
yg batu2 tuh 7 bnda ajaib dunia kan?
best kot faiqah dpt pergi :)

CaraLov3 said...

eheh.. kak
lawanye eng vill tuh
petang2.. duk rilek2 kt branch.. tgok daun2 gugur.. wahh~ syiok

xox Faiqah xox said...

Husna: betul la tu, antara 7 keajaiban dunia.. ha3.. tp rasa nk pergi tempat2 ajaib yg lain plak..insya-Allah, kalau ade peluang,,+duit!

Atin: memang la best.. sbb Salisbury ni seimbang, kampung dan bndar at the same time.. tp sejuk jugk tau!x kuasa ak nk duk luar santai2~haha

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃