Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Faiqah's two offenses

This morning,
I wanted to clean up my room and throw the rubbish away,
cuz I can't stand the smell anymore~! bau cam sampah~
I need to take the lift to go the basement,
but the lift is soo slow and I took the stairs instead,
but then I realized that there's no entry to the basement
from outside of the hall,
So, I ended up standing outside
with bags of rubbish in both of my hands. ergghh.. x ayu langsung~

mmmm, where should I throw this rubbish away..
so, me, walking in the morning with two plastic of rubbish
lalala~ looking for trash can,,
then I remembered there's a BIG trash can outside Bateson hall,
So, I went there and quickly throw the rubbish away..

Then, I realized that I just used the wrong trash bin!!
omg, it's the Recycle Bin that I just threw my rubbish away!
mampus la ak.. dh la sampah yg baru buang tu..macam2 ada..
roti yg da expired, nasi yg da berkulat... kulit pisang.. tulang ayam~
those are not the things to be recycled!!~ xtau la kalo bleh recycle~

mm.. no one saw me.. fuh~ lari, lari..
then I look up and..aiyakk!
I saw two CCTV/camera!
habih la.. lepas ni I akan jadi the WANTED person..
I'm sorry..I didn't know..
I love our environment more than you know..okay..
next time I'll recycle!


During the lecture in Park Building,
Ain told me that he saw my room's number on the list of,
The Rooms That Cause Fire Alarm (what the h...?)
I thought he was just fooling around
so, I didn't take it seriously~

When we're walking back to Harry Law after the lecture,
I told him that I was scared because I've done something wrong,
>>I was totally referring to the first incident~the stupid recycle bin thing~
and he said, "ala rilek la.. bukan ade ape2 pon.. fire alarm..bla3.."
"bukan pasal tu la.. lgpun ak tau ko tipu jer.. mustahil bilik ak..bla3"
and he told me that it's true, it's true, it's true..?

mm.. memang la ak ada memasak air dan makanan dalam bilik ak..
but I always take the safety precaution,
yaitu, mengipas-ngipas wap panas yg keluar agar x mengenai fire detector..he3

I am totally, absolutely, definitely sure that no cases of fire alarms happened when I am cooking
~or else I would have know =P

arghhh~! what if my neighbors know about this..
huhuhu.. baru ja nak baik dengan diorang..
BTW, I haven't see the notice my self,
kalaulah itu hanya dusta semata-mata..siap la ko Ain!!

~Faiqah's two offenses~

1. Buang sampah ke dalam tong sampah yang salah.
2. Jadi Suspek dalam kes 'fire alarm'.

just two little mistakes.. but why am I feeling so guilty??

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃