Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ❤‧:❉:‧ .。One Piece!

Thanks for making me happy.
Thanks for making me laugh. 
Thanks for keeping me company.
When I'm feeling all alone and sad. 

I cannot watch DBZ, I cannot watch FMA, I cannot watch Doraemon, I cannot watch Sailormoon......

Because then I'll cry 'cause they all remind me of my childhood and my TV at home and my sisters. But I really2 want to watch some anime's, I think they are lot better than boring human shows. So, I try to search for any popular anime and found One Piece!

Omg, I love the main character, Luffy!

He's cute, funny, strong and very kind.. and most important of all.... he's a complete idiot!!!
he's so totally my dream-guy!! Marry me, Monkey!! lol

Grrr... you give all my treasure to them???
I'm gonna kill you!!!!!!!!!!
being eaten by a bird!!

gum gum power!!

you're so cute...and awesome!
why can't you be real???
aww.. this sucks!
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