Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dragon ballz FTW!

Do you wanna know how I spent my New Year Day? No? Okay, I've spent two whole days watching Dragon Ball Z ....hahahahaha! Omg.. I fall in with the series again!

Dragon Ball is no doubt one of the best anime ever created. o yeah..Ever created.

I remember during my primary school, how boys in my class were absolutely crazy about the comics and the girls normally would never ever touched the Dragon Ball books but somehow I broke the rule and read one of the comic and BOOM! I got myself a Dragon Ball virus, and I never healed. lol. And then the anime first came to the TV and I personally didn't like it cuz it was too damn slow compared to the manga and Malay dubbing annoys the crap out of me.

There's probably hundreds of characters in Dragon Ball series, but these are my fav

1. Goku 
kid Goku and grown-up Goku

 what can I say? Everybody loves Goku!

2. Bezita (Vegeta)

lol.. Goku and Bezita will never get along..


It's Bezita that I had a huge crush he's so cool, he's so bad!
I ♥ Bezita!

3. Gohan

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gohan is my favourite baby ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All he did back then was cry, cry and cry.. soo cute!

the apple is too sour!
he looks like his mom here, lol.. so cute!! the pink water bottle..omg, dies~
even when he's all grown up, he's so good-lookin!

He's probably Goku's fav son.. since he's the first baby in Dragon Ball, he's well loved by everyone!

4. Goten


He's Goku's second son, you can obviously tell, lol
it's sad that he grows up without Goku, he's dead by the time Goten was born and they only met for the first time after Goten is 7 years old.

Goten all grown-up.

5. Chichi

his Goku married her because he thought 'marriage' is a kind of food.

6. Bulma
who can forget Bulma? Goku's old friend, Bezita's wife (yep, I still wondering how that could possibly happen), Trunk's and Bra's mom.

7. Trunks

Bezita and Bulma's son, a friend of Goten.
best pal!

the rest!


who can forget the rest of them? it's like one big, happy family!

I'm trying to finish all 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z and now I'm currently watching episode 40. omg.. that a looong way to go.. will I succeed? if only I have enough time and determination..

The series is hella funny, I laugh every 3 minutes, lol.. but laughing alone is not fun, I really wish I'm at home right now so that  I can watch this with my sisters. I don't know if I should watch Dragon Ball any more, because the more I watch it, the more lonely and sad I will feel, this bring back too many memories *wipe tears*

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