Saturday, January 29, 2011

My heart-breaking movies

I never cry when watching movies. I really, really want to watch a sad movie that can make me cry like a sucker, but I never find one. When the characters died, I supposed to be all sad but then I realized it's just an acting, and they aren't dead for real- so I feel happy instead. These are some of the movies that nearly make me cry, well I don't really cry, but I did get a pain in my heart after watching them~

10. Windstruck (2004)

The saddest part: When the heroin tells a story about a princess waiting for a her prince, to the hero. The sad background music is very saad! Nazihah cried a bucket watching this, but I didn't shed a single tear, lol!

8. Fiza (2000) & Devdas (2002)

Bollywood movies! The saddest part: Both heroes died at the end =(

9. Titanic (1997)

The saddest part: is the last part when grandma Rose went to sleep and she dreamed she went back to her younger days and reunite with Jack and everyone in the ship cheered for them.

7. Shrek the Movie (2001) & Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Shrek is the only animation movie that I love! The saddest part: When Dragon cried by the river because she miss Donkey, lol. But it's really sad, maybe because the background song played for that scene is really sad. Lilo and Stitch is sad too. The saddest part: when Stitch want to leave the house and Lilo didn't stop him like she didn't really care for him anymore.

5. Peter Pan (2003)

The saddest part: When Wendy decided to go home instead of living in Neverland with Peter and she let him off although she knows that she will never saw him again after that. Just sad.

6. Stand by Me (1986)

This is a really great movie, it's heart warming but heart breaking as well. The saddest part: At the end of the story when the narrator tells us what happened to his friends after they all grew up. One of them are married with four kids, one tried to be soldier but failed and went to jail for several years before ended up working in the town, and his best friend did managed to get out of the small town, went to college, became a lawyer but ended up dead after he was stabbed on his throat for trying to break up a fight. Oh wow.. what a life.

4. The Road (2009)/The Mist (2007)

The endings for these movies are just too cruel. Both are about a father trying to protect his son but ended up with one of them died at the end. The saddest part: Just when you think everything's gonna be alright at the end, suddenly one of them died and you just went nuts! Why? Why?

3. TaeGukGi (2004)

The best war movies, not even Saving Private Ryan can beat this! The saddest part: When they have to left their home and their dog behind because of the war, and when the brother died at the end.

2. Paulie (1998)

This is really sad movie. I remembered watching it when I was a kid. The saddest part: when Paulie finally meet his owner again after trying so hard for years to find his way home. But when they met, Paulie didn't recognized her anymore because she's a grown women now and he's heart-broken because he thought she was someone else. I just wanna scream, No Paulie, it's her! She just all grown up now!

1. I have no idea.

The saddest part: I don't know which movies that are sad enough to be put as number one. I've watch load of movies- well, not really that much- but never find a good one that really makes me cry. Well, I guess I'll continue to search~

p/s: I love watching movies too damn much!

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