Monday, January 3, 2011

Sisters are Forever.

 Why, why, why did I watch THIS?????


Now I have a serious heart attack..
it's like having your heart stabbed by something,
o my God, it's so painful! Don't know if I can ever watch DBZ after this.. 
like I said, it brings back too many memories.

When I was watching the episodes on the internet, it cuts off the ending song part, that's why I can watch it without breaking a tear. But I accidentally watched this video on Youtube..
God, how I miss the old times. I remember how I really love this song, because it has Gohan in it. And how I really miss the times when me and my sisters would sit in front of the TV watching this. I remember how I was super excited when DBZ was on air because I was looking forward to see the little Gohan. DBZ is a part of my childhood. How is it possible to watch it again without remembering the past?

 I wish I could run back home now to watch this with you again. 
Just like old times.

My sisters, Fatin and Fazlin. Funny how all our names started with an F, but I really love that. Most 'all-girl' siblings would wish for a brother, but I never want a brother, really. Cuz sisters are much fun to be with. 


I remember how I don't like her wearing glasses because then, she will look exactly like me. She's already looks too much like me, hahaha. But I think she's a lot prettier. I can tell her everything, things that I won't even tell my mother. I can say bad things about her in front of her face, and I can lash out anger on her without worrying anything. Things that I can never do with someone else. I don't have to hold back anything when I'm with her, I can laugh as loud as I can, I can yell as much as I can.. talk bad about the person we hate, stalking cute boys at school. We did so many crazy things back then.

Sometimes, I'm afraid that you feel pressured because everyone think I'm a smart little sister. I don't want you to compete with me, trying to beat me in studies, because for me, you're much more clever. I envy you in a lot of things but I'm really happy for you.


Glad that she finally has her own FB. Too bad she doesn't care much about it and rather play games and watch movies instead. She's kinda like me, doesn't care about 'grown-up' things and love being a kid instead. I love spending time with her, cuz she's so funny and we have so much nice memories together. If me and my second sister were fighting, she will be forced to take side, she's really kind and we sometimes love making fun of her. I don't know how she's doing, all alone in our house now. Is she lonely? Or is she happy because she can have everything all for herself now? I remember that she doesn't have so many new clothes, so everytime I went shopping back in IPDA, I will buy her some t-shirts.

One day, Nazihah saw the shirts and asked, the shirts are all big-sized, is she that big??.. Omg, I really don't know. I guess I haven't see her for a long time, I couldn't tell how big or small has she becomes now. Everytime I talked with my mom over the phone, I really, really want to talk to you too. I remember how we used to tease you because you're a lil chubby and 'tanned' compared to us. But the truth is, you're the prettiest among us three.I can't help but to think about you everytime I watched a good cartoon on the internet, cuz I know you love watching cartoons and J-dramas. I love hearing you laughing at those funny parts. I wish I could watch them with you again, just like we used to do.


 'Friends forever', i doubt if this is true. But sisters are indeed, FOR ETERNITY. 
I always want to make my sisters happy. Give them everything they want. I regret not doing this when I had the chance, when I was so close to them.

There are soo many things that I regretted doing, things that had hurt you. I wish I could turn back time and fix everything. But I can't. I pray for God to give mercy, please give me the time and chance to make them happy. 

p/s: Can only listen to that song, for like 12 seconds and this lil heart feels like it's gonna burst! Can never able to listen to that song again. IDK why it hurts so much.  Guess I need to take a break from watching DBZ.*sigh


Hayat Yahya (naNo) said...

Thumbs're a good sister faiqah, u'll make the sisterhood last till eternity.. :)

xox Faiqah xox said...

thanks Ayat.. first sister sometimes mean and bossy but she cares a lot for her lil sisters. =)

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃