Monday, January 3, 2011

If time moves backward.

I've stopped watching DBZ. I couldn't bear it any longer. The more I watched it, the more I miss my home and my sisters. I will watch it again when I go back home. I want to watch it with my sisters, though they refuse, I'll force them. I don't care.

I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear me?? Is it because I'm soo far away from you, you have forgot all about me????

I hate when time is moving too fast. I hate it when I'm getting older and older. I hate it when the nature makes the rule, "you're a big girl now, you can't live with your parents anymore!". If that's the case, I don't wanna be a big girl, I wanna stay with my family forever! Why can't I stay with you forever?

I want the time to moves backward. I want to be your little girl again. I want to eat whatever you cook, I want to watch old stupid cartoons with my sisters every Saturday morning, I want to walk to night market with you every Sunday evening, I want you to wake me up every morning to go to school, I want you to be at home waiting for me when I got back from school, I want to ride bicycle with you again,  I want you to nag at me if I'm lazy.. I want to laugh with you...I just want to be by your side forever.

Sometimes, when I'm all alone, I have this little thought. I don't wanna get married. I don't want to have another family. I have my own family. I have you. I realize this life is too short. I don't want to waste my life for other people. I want to spend every thing I have for you.

I know I have to be like the little Dandelion. But sometimes, it's just too hard and I'm just not strong enough.

i miss the 90's and early 20's so much!

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