Sunday, January 9, 2011

^Great Expectations^

I had not seen them for 11 years when, one evening in December, I went once again to my old home by the forge. There, smoking his pipe in the old place by the kitchen fire, as healthy and as strong as ever, though a little grey, sat Joe; and there, in the corner, and sitting on my own little chair looking at the fire, was- I again! -Pip-

 I don't know why but this part of the story breaks my heart bitterly. Maybe because I feel for Pip's sadness, having to part with Joe and Biddy, and left his old house, where so many things had happened, so many memories of his childhood left. And finally after so many years, he returned and see nothing has really changed, Joe is still there, sitting in the same old chair and 'little Pip' (Joe's son) is still there too, taking the place Pip had left. Just like old time. Oh my, memories are both sweet and painful things to remember..

After finished reading the book (sebab nak exam esok!) I find the story of 'Great Expectation' to be really sad and heart-breaking. Too many people died, -Pip's sister, Miss Havisham, Magwitch-, too many child are orphan, -Pip and his sister, Miss Havisham, Magwitch- , while some had parents but never able feel their love,-Estella, Joe- and too many people suffer in their life - Pip, his sister, Joe, Estella, Magwitch, Molly, Miss Havisham-

Miss Havisham's life is destroyed by love,  
Estella's life is detroyed by Miss Havisham's revenge,
Magwitch is cheated and suffers until the end of his life, 
......while Pip is too obsessed of becoming a gentleman that he lost so many great things along the journey and hurt the people that really love and care for him.

It's sad that only at the end of the story that Pip realized that money and status mean nothing, if you have no one to love you sincerely. All those wealth and class will only bring more miseries and pain, and is not a guarantee for a happy and contented life.

Fan Fiction!
Faiqah made her own Great Expectation's ending!

Pip and Estella, at the end of the story.
Estella finally admits that she too, loves Pip from the moment they met at the Satis house. Pip has become regular people again and no more dreaming of becoming a gentleman.
Estella went to London to meet Molly, her long lost mother and they never separated again.
Estella donated the money she inherited from Miss Havisham to the orphans and the poor. She just want to live a normal, happy life together with Pip. She realized she couldn't get back what she had lost, but she knew that what's gone, is gone. And all that's left is really matter.
She knew that she must learned how to forgive and forget.
And to move on with her life.

and they lived happily ever after.
-the end-

~xde mood nk jawab exam literature esok..=_=
to my friends who's taking the same exam, ganbatte!~

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