Friday, January 7, 2011

I miss you.



I miss you. A lot.
I found a great video of Naruto in Youtube just now.
I remember that you love Naruto a lot.
So, I really want to show you that video.
I know you will love it.
Then, I realized that you're so far away.
I sat back on my chair.
Feeling as lonely as ever.
All these joys, laughter, happiness
mean nothing if I can't share it with you.
I miss you. A lot.
I thought I was so strong.
I thought I don't need you by my side.
But at the end of the time.
I just realized how small I am.
and all I want is someone
to look after me.
to talk and to laugh with me
to share these blessings together.

It hurts me a lot that you're not here.
It hurts me a lot waking up 
just to know that I'm all alone.

I miss you, my little sister.
I'm too proud to pick up the phone and tell you how I miss you.
I'm a loser.

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