Sunday, January 16, 2011

❖ Liar Game ❖

This is not the lame, cheesy love drama, this is not stupid at all. In fact, I think I've become a genius just by watching this ~lol, just kidding... behold yourself..I present to you....


Just finished watching them. One word. AWESOME!

The girl is foolishly naive and innocent, the boy is incredibly genius and has no emotions at all (so lame). But the story is pure genius! I enjoyed watching it soo much! I finished watching the whole Season 1 in one day, Season 2 in one and a half day and Liar Game the Movie in 2 hours. Pheww~ so much for a drama marathon.. but this drama is sooo addictive!

The story:
LIAR Game drama started with Nao, -she's too naive that everyone calls her stupid- got involved in a game that put her in risk of paying a 100 million yen debt if she lost. In desperation, she seek help from Akiyama, a famous swindler who has just been released from prison. He agrees to help her, and they fight together until the final Liar Game Tournament.

I usually hate dumb-weak-silly heroin, but this time it's different. Watching the innocent Nao, I feel like the need to protect her and slap the hell out of those people who constantly cheated on her and make her cry. Luckily, there's Akiyama-kun (MyEm0.Com!!) always by her side to give her advice on how to win the games.

 The strategies and answers to each game is displayed and explained to the viewers, like this:

 ahhh~ but with a brain like mine.. I still can't understand it..T_T

LIAR Game is filled with suspense, mysteries, puzzles, betrayal, faith, greed, math problems.. everything but LOVE. Yep, hardly any LOVE at all. Akiyama-kun barely hold Nao's hand, not even a hug, not even a kiss. Nothing.MyEm0.Com --- frustrated fangirl.

I really, really want Akiyama and Nao to end up together. Akiyama is a man that you would surely want as husband. Smart and good looking ( despite the lame hairstyle), he's so cool he can make all the girls go kyaaaaa~!!! including me each time he comes out with the plan and help save the day.

My fav moments:

1.When Akiyama was angry with Nao because she doesn't ask for his advice and team up secretly with Fukunaga the Mushroom head.
2. When Akiyama rushed to save Nao when he heard that she's playing the second round of LIAR game alone.
3. When Akiyama pretends like he's gonna kiss Nao but actually wanted to ask for her lipgloss, Nao punches him angrily but secretly smiling after that. (so cute!!)

It's hard to tell if they even had a feeling to each other, as the whole focus of the story goes to the game.

But luckily!! at the last scene of the movie; (these are not the actual dialogues.. just some lines that I can remember)

Akiyama: It's over, but why aren't you look happy?
Nao: I have a feeling that you might disappear again.. (I don't want to loose you, you idiot!)
Akiyama: You're too naive, you can never change.
Nao: and you're a hopeless liar =).
Akiyama: Can you live with that? My lies? (or in other words, will you marry me?)
Nao: I guess so.. (OMG, yes, yes!!)


* in joyful tears *
I like it, I like it! LIAR game is soooo cool!!

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