Thursday, January 6, 2011

❤Cartoon Couple❤

  Just one more crappy post before going back to the real world =_= '

Edward Winry

ahh.. simply adore them!

Shizuka Nobita 

destined to be together.. lol!

Sakura Sasuke

At first I really don't care if they ended up together or not, but after watching this video their fan made, I was like...

Go, Go SasuSaku!!!!!!!! I want them to be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pucca Garu 

Pucca loves Garu too much, lol

Sakura Syaoran 
(Cardcaptor Sakura)

they are toooooo cute!!

Sakura Syaoran 
(Tsubasa Chronicles)
not to be confused, same actors, different movies, lol

  Goku ChiChi  
 I don't know why people hate ChiChi...
She's annoying sometimes, but I think she and Goku is the sweetest couple!


omg... I got an electric shock just by watching this vid. Goku does loves ChiChi actually...
Miss DBZ so much!

Hollidays nearly coming to an end... back to the boring world...sigh~

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