Monday, January 24, 2011


We just went back from visiting our future house. I guess the house is okay. At first, I expected it to be veryy large, very beautiful, made of  brown bricks, with balcony to look at stars at night, and large yard at the back, large enough to plant flowers ( ) and breed chickens ()...
MyEm0.Com ----dreaming~
Turn out, it wasn't as 'grand' as I hoped. Oh my God, Faiqah, you're just a student! why do you want to live like a princess? lolMyEm0.Com

We should be thankful we got the house, it's close enough to our university. We just have to walk a little bit to go to classes. Although it's not big, it's not made of brown brick, it doesn't have balcony for us to look at the stars at night, it doesn't have large yard, not large enough to plant flowers nor breed chickens; I think it's lovely ^^ enough for us.MyEm0.Com

What really matters is to make the house, 'our' house. I can't wait to live there with my friends! You have no idea how it's feel to live alone in a building, filled with strangers and scary people. I have enough of all that! I just wanna live in peace, after this. mmm.. hope so!

when I'm old enough to live on my own house
I wanna have a house, in a countryside,
like somewhere in Texas, or Tennessee 
or English countryside like Salisbury?
or maybe somewhere in Malaysia,
that  looks like Texas, Tennessee or Salisbury, lol
complete with horses, gardens and chickens!

rindunya lepak2 atas rumput~ T_T

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