Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please, please, please.

I've been crying really hard tonight, I've been crying so much that my eyes sore, my head hurts and my heart is in so much pain. I'm crying because I can't believe how cruel,-us human can be.

It makes me sick watching the vid posted on Facebook just now, the one showing how they skinned animals for fur. Slapping their little head against the ground, stamping on them, ripped the skin of them while they're still alive. Omg, seriously?? How can you-so-called human do such thing?? How can people proudly wear fur on their bodies? To show how rich and cruel you are?


Why are there so many vids showing cruelty to animals on Youtube and FB lately? I remember seeing the one; cat being burned alive and there's also this , Chinese girl killing rabbit and kitten videos, I don't know why these fagots dare to record them and showed it to the whole world; I supposed they get money out of it-

Have you seen the video where this girl killed a kitten by stepping on it with high-heeled shoes? -If only I can get my hands on that girl, I swear I'm gonna bloody kill her with my bare hands, how could you ever do that to poor animals, you skanky b*tch!!

And I also found this vid on Youtube, showing a bear dressed in a stupid clothes and forced to do tricks in a zoo.

We can see how hard it is for the bear to do the trick, and he got yelled by the trainer when he fell down. It broke my heart watching him picking up the wood after he fell and followed his trainer like scared little child. I cried everytime I watched this. And this is a ZOO for freaking sake! I can't imagine how animals living in circus are trained like. They are supposed to be running wild and free in the jungle, not locked in a cage, doing stupid shows,, so that us, human can watch and laugh and clap our hands like an idiot bastard.

There are hundreds of vid out there showing cruelty to animals and only a little are being exposed to us and there are sure to be a lot more animals suffering at the moments.

Maybe I look like I'm over reacted, but I can't stand animals being bullied and tortured. I can still bear with human being killed but not when animals are being killed. They have no voice, no power, nothing to protect them. They can't cried, but you can see how sad they are. It breaks my heart when I can't do anything to save not even one of them, I'm sorry that all I can say is, I'M SORRY.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry T_T

May all the animals that suffered and died rest in God's heaven
I'm sorry that this world is too cruel to you.

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