Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Best gift for my Mother would be...

........a very Decent Son-in-Law!

Yes? No? Don't know?

Mom, I'm already 21 years old...

I'm a bit frustrated when you never ask me..
things like;

"Kak dh ade boyfriend ke?"
"Agak2 bila nk kahwin tu?"
"Nk suruh Mi cari ke?"

...but you never did!

Well.. sometimes, you do ask me about boys....
and my eyes started to shine like stars..yes, yes, Mi nak bincang sal jodoh aii la ni..
and Just when I'm getting all excited,
you guys would started laughing! and I know I'm being fooled again.

Since you don't seems interested to find me a husband,
I would like to find you a son-in-law, can I?

Mom, I would like someone as good-looking as him;

Mom, eversince I laid my eyes on him, I don't wanna look at any other boys
do you think there's someone as handsome as him in our kampung?
But.. oh, the 'red hair'..what a bummer!
I know you would reject him instantly.. T_T

but I have second option!
I recently like Shahir.

Not that Syaherz Syzintooz shizaoq~

I like Shahir, actually I just like his personality..
Funny, humble, mature and religious^^

..mmm... looks like those are the only Malay boys that I can suggest to you.
You wouldn't interested in 'international' son-in-law, would you?
Next time, I'll make a proper catalog for you to look..hehehe

Well, I think I'm making you worried..
Just kidding la, I'm not (tapi fikir-fikirkanlah..yer...)

and .... HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to you~~~~~

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