Saturday, May 28, 2011

Manga, Manga, Manga!

Why do mangas sold in UK are very very expensive?
it's like £8 pound per book,
and in Malaysia, it's usually RM8 per book.
but £8 is like RM40? so I can buy 5 mangas in Malaysia with that amount of money.
But then again, it's still so very expensive.
I mean who needs to buy manga these days?
You can download or read them online.
Or you can even watch the animated version.
So, why do people still buy manga/comic although they're very expensive?
Simple, because collecting something you like is soooo cool and fun.

I don't really know much about manga but
I do remember some mangas that I used to have when I was little.
Some reallly old titles like:


OMG, if you donno Doraemon, then you're not from this earth, lol!
Me and my sisters used to have a complete series of Doraemon, which we read more than 100 times. Whoever made this comic is a genius, this is the only comic in the galaxy that made me cry, lol.

Dragon Ball

Unfortunately never bought this manga, just borrowed from the boys in my class.
The best of the best! I wish today's anime is just as good as this one =(

Dr. Slump

I remember the character's name, Arale, but I couldn't remember the title.
But I remember reading this book when I was a child.

Dragon Quest

In Malay edition, it's called Misteri Naga. Pretty good story.

Hong Kong comic book

Remember the big comic with cheesy title? They're actually Hong Kong comic books.
They're pretty popular in Malaysia back then,
I never own them. But just putting them here to bring back memories.. =)

Old cartoons, old comics, old animes are just soo good. T-T
Modern mangas/ animes are nice too, but
I just don't really like the 
complicated, sophisticated, super twisted storyline-
but yeah, just like handphones,
mangas have to evolve too.

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