Sunday, May 8, 2011

eBay. Braces. Assignment. ♥ again.

I hate eBay. No, I don't hate eBay, cuz 50% of my clothes come from eBay..he3. I hate other eBay buyers. They never let me win!!! I've been bidding on iPod for ages now, but never won a single one. Why? Cuz I'll withdraw everytime the price goes above 10 pound.. why can't we get a used iPod Touch with just 10 pound?? Impossible right? hmmm...

Yesterday, I was searching and reading about braces. Being random again. I wanna know how much braces would cost in Malaysia. But, wait, what should I type..? *types* Berapa harga... err..I think they also call 'braces' in BM too la.. *types* Berapa harga braces di Malaysia. Later that night, - while I was in bathroom, only I realized that braces in BM is 'Pendakap Gigi'!!! Aiyoo.. why am I getting dumber these days.. I was so damn confident that there's no Malay word for braces.

I'm working on the worst assignment for this semester. hehe. The worst assignment.
I can't focus on anything. Types 1 word... open Youtube and watch 2,3 videos...
types another 1 word.. open Youtube and listen to 2,3 videos..
I need to write 1250 words for this assignment, imagine how much videos I will be watching by then. lol
I just hope I won't fail my GL6, particularly, I wanna go back to Malaysia!

Is this love or is this just an obsession??
I wish I know the difference. tehee.


err... what this post is all about?

absolutely nothing.

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