Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boys, pull up your pants!

One of the thing that I hate in UK- saggy pants!

I think the boys in UK look so cute during winter,
when they have coats and jackets on,
with gloves and scarf around their neck,
winter hats and everything..
look so cute and innocent^^

But now that the spring is here,

Nobody want to be covered up with clothes anymore,
so it's normal to see guys walking around with no shirts on.

I can still accept shirtless guys,
but i really, really absolutely can't tolerate with;
- boys wearing their pants so loww showing off their boxers -
I mean, whatthehell??!

Just imagine you're on your way back to your hall,
and there's two tall and good-looking boys
walking alongside you,
and as soon as they passed you by,
you can see both of their boxers
One was pink with red flowers,
another one with Spongebob faces on it.
and suddenly you feel the urge to puke.

Probably like 50% of boys here wear their pants like that.
Is it supposed to look cool or what?
I can't never understand this.

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