Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet VIP.

V.I.P (which stands for Versatility in Pop) is a new boy-band in Malaysia.
How did I found out about this group, I can't remember..he3.. this group consists of :

Adam . Ryan . Fadlan . Malon .Yandy .
Ha?? Adam? Camna Adam boleh terselit kat situ?? Yes, I was quite surprised at first cuz I thought Adam left KRU but, nah.. this is still his collaboration project with KRU..he3
 They've released a teaser for their upcoming MV, 'Lagu Sedih'. Well, I can say I'm quite impressed with their style and dancing ability.

Yeah, I think people in Malaysia have become traumatic with the emerging of K-Pop celup bands like 24:7 (now known as MAX247) and Gula-Gula..but believe me, VIP is far better than those two groups.
It's not fair to say they're copying K-Pop because if you listen to KRU's old songs, Fanatik, Awas, Oh La La.. I think K-Pop is the one copied KRU, lol.

one of the VIP's boy, Fadlan Hazim, wah muka macam Vic Zhou!

ini strategi pemasaran jugak ke? You put the super duper good looking boy in the band..hehehe
tapi Adam pon sa suka jugak bah...hihi

enjoy their unofficial music video, =)

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