Friday, May 13, 2011

ELF promise.

All ELF please, if they (MAX247)  really do a performance, we
just ignore them,remember three thing: 

1.Close your light-stick.

2. Give a silent treatment
don't respond, don't boo. don't do anything.  
If we BOOOOO, others will think bad about us again. 
Keep our oppa's good name.
3. If you feel boring, listen to Suju song with your 
mp3,mp4, iPod or your hand-phone.

*Extra: Bring a paper bag in case you wanna barf while they perform.
 source: Facebook

This is just some agreements made by the ELF (Suju fans) regarding the concert on Hari Belia Negara 2011. On that day, Super Junior will come to Malaysia to perform, together with other Malaysian artists including MAX247.They're so against MAX247 to perform on stage with Suju as it would be a disgrace to everyone. lol

I don't know how on earth MAX247 got picked out of so many talented artists.
can they dance well?
can they -at LEAST- sing well?
I don't know.
I try to look for videos to hear them singing,
Looks like haters made them famous, beyond expectation.

Hey, Gotta respect the ELF for their consideration
The Malaysian ministers all well as foreigners..
will be at this event too, so it won’t be nice to show your protest here.
If you make them look bad, you’re just making all Malaysian, including yourself, looks bad. 

So, either you love it, or leave it. Don’t keji maki, save yourself some sins.

Don’t care about MAX247 nor Super Junior, 
juz looking forward for VIP~!!

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