Sunday, May 29, 2011

My love-hate relationship with Harry.

Nein, it's not Harry Potter, nor Prince Harry.
It's Harry Law, my hall.

Now, I'm counting days to leave this place. I realize I can go back to UK
but I can't go back to Harry Law.

I read a student article on the web and s/he said that it's either you get a 'stupidly' small room or 'stupidly' massive room if you're in Harry Law hall. It's a matter of luck.
Well, I guess I got myself a 'stupidly' massive room cuz I'm a 'stupidly' lucky person, yay!

The writer also mentions the Bateson hall, our neighbor,
s/he said that Bateson hall is just the opposite of Harry Law so the students can throw each others a paintball or something.
What??!! That's not true, we; Harrys and Batesons- are best neighbors,
We laugh at each other when one of us gets a fire alarm in the middle of the night!
seee... we're 'good'

Well, anyways.. I'm just so sad thinking that I won't be staying here again for the rest of semesters.
I'll be staying in a house with my friends, which is good cuz
I'll get to eat proper food and I won't be so lonely anymore.
Plus, it's much safer and a lot more quiet.

But to say goodbye to super-duper fast internet connection,
free heater, free electricity and my own bathroom...

Harry Law might not be the best hall in Pompey,

soo crazily noisy on weekend nights,
robbers broke into student's room (wth?)
countless false fire alarms and a few real fire alarms.
dirty corridors, wild parties, stupid pranks
drunkard wondering at other people's corridors
and ect, ect..

But I still Lve Harry.
Because it helps me to get through my difficult first year.
It gives me warmth during the cold winter,
and shelter for rainy days.
I spent most of my time in my room, 
so I am soo emotionally attached to it.
Though it's not perfect, but still. love it!

mm.. looks like now I'll be just watching you from afar, Harry.
my time has come, I can't stay any longer =(

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Jamie said...

'robbers broke into student's room (wth?)
countless false fire alarms and a few real fire alarms.'

'I spent most of my time in my room,
so I am soo emotionally attached to it.'

OH my god. Thanks for sharing your photos and images! I stayed in harry law halls for 1 year. I had fond memories of it...But did you know when I was in there, a Robber broke into MY room!!!

You have given me a strong nostalgia ^^ they still have fire alarms in the middle of the night?

And drunk people being noisy?'s still a nice place somehow! Why can I not forget it?

I did spend most of the time in my room also. I believe my room was close to room 50, I forgot exactly.

Thanks for giving me a nostalgia!


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