Sunday, May 15, 2011

Night at the Library.


Whenever we have serious trouble with assignments, me and my friend will go to the library, hoping that by getting away from our cozy rooms, we can do our work without distraction.


It works for everyone else. But certainly it doesn't have any effects on me.

I'm still unable to do my works, cuz I am -apparently- the most distracted person in the world. Oh, bother!
I don't know if it's a good idea to study/do your homework in library because:
* Our library is alwayzz crowded with people. Finding a good spot would be a pain.
* How can you concentrate when there are strangers everywhere around you? It's like doing homework on the street - or in the middle of pasar malam.
* If there's a cute boy sitting near you, then it would be even more distracting! -though I always hope that this happen to me.

 But I still like the idea of spending a night in the library to finish your assignment. 
Sounds cute to me^^. It will be more fun if you go with your friendssss. :)

x o x o x o

Tomorrow I have GL6 exam . And I'm studying nothing at the moment. 
Luckily, mine would start at 1.30 pm, wohoo.. more time to sleep! I mean, study!

I'm done for. T-T

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