Friday, May 6, 2011

Random Rant again^^

Just a while ago, my room was burning hot- then I saw a bright light flashing outside my window- then I heard my first thunderstorm ever in UK- then, it started to rain- and I feel cold again-yay!

**may contains a lot of, there's no need to read, unless you're my sister, tehee.

Hi, today is Friday. It's 10.26 pm now in UK. I'm waiting for Isyak prayer time which is... 10.57 pm. It's soo late..I know.. I'm about to fall asleep anytime.. though I've been sleeping for more than 12 hours yesterday..haha. Old people like me need a lot of sleepzzzzzzz.....

Let's talk. about.. emm..serious things. Masalah negara,  
24:7 and Gula Gula. Oh God, not again.

Because I'm feeling a lil bit guilty... why so?
Well.. because in my last post I wrote that V.I.P is far better than those 2 K-Pop 'celup' bands.
Now I realized how unfair for me to label them as such.
I think we should give them a chance.
Maybe, they'll turned out to be good?
Actually, I feel sorry for them when people keep bashing them anywhere on Facebook, Blogs or Forums.
People laugh at them, criticized them, cursed them.
Why? Because they're copycats? Could have juz asked them nicely to change their style a lil bit.
Because they're sexy? Cursing them with all the bad words won't make you any better; though you're wearing tudung and, think about it.

don't simply comment and enter.
We're all Malaysians. Please be mature and speak wisely. It's upsetting to see people fighting like mad cats on internet nowadays. =_=

Kpop fans.. please..pretty please...

I read on some random blog, the owner is obviously a - Malaysian Kpop fan.
Talking about 24:7, Gula Gula and few others..
Don't know why she's so emo about this whole thing...marah bebeno gayanya.
What makes me a bit sad.. a bit la.. not really~ is that she said KRU is also such a copycat.
Hai.. KRU pon kena jugak ke? lol

Her reasons:

KRU TV, is the same as YG TV-
haa?? I know YG is the record company for Big Bang, 2NE1, ect..
But this is the first time I ever heard about YG TV.
Well, even if the word 'TV' is the same, I don't see any prob here??
It's a definitely a global word. Everyone uses it.
But she wrote, "use other name la! 'KRU Shows' or something? Why must KRU TV?? It's the same as YG TV! bla..bla..bla.."
Honey, KRU Show to me sounds like KRU brothers standing on a stage making a stand-up comedy ..hahaha..
I think KRU also don't know the existence of YG TV =_='

Second, V.I.P is soo Big Bang copycat!

ini Big Bang.

In what way?
Their song, 'Lagu Sedih' sounds nothing like any Big Bang song..
or is it because one of the VIP group member, looks similar to Taeyang Big Bang?

  hahaha,, dah muka diorang sama nk wat cmna??

The reason I think is simple, they both like Hip Hop style,
that's why they dress alike.
X caye? Tengok Soulja Boy ni... same style, right?

tang ni x kecoh plak... ishk2..

V.I.P is already established for Big Bang's fanclub name!
Kalu gitu haramkan semua Datuk Datin kat Malaysia ni guna perkataan VIP. Senang.
'Big Bang' itself is not an original words.
It's a theory use to explain about the universe.
I like Big Bang though. Just not their annoying immature fans.

TIGA is soooo 2NE1 copycats!

TIGA is a new artists under KRU.
Can't say much, their songs aren't even out yet, so how can you be sure?
Cuz they both dress alike? Colorful and stuff? Japanese/Taiwanese/Chinese/happy funky girls all like to dress in colorful vibrant color also, right?
It's to suit their funky pop style la..

Fourteen is trying to be like 2PM,huh~

Yang ni xtau la nk sama kat mana...
Nak kata music...Lagu diorang pon x kuar lagi..
Fourteen is also under KRU studio.
Alasan dorang.. Ala, cuba korang darab angka 2 (as in 2PM) dgn 7 (number of members in 2PM)
dapat 14 kan? (Fourteen) ishk2..sampai ke situ punya pikir.. hebat2..

Adam bergaya tutup muka pon diorang kata meniru Kpop jugak..adoii..

Kpop pon tiru abang Reita
(Reita is J-Rock artist from Japan)

Budak2 ni..
agak2nya nampak Pak guard pakai sunglasses,
terus kata dia tiru style TOP Big Bang..
Mak cik pasar malam pakai reben atas kepala..
terus tuduh dia tiru style SNSD..
mata telinga korang cuma nampak Kpop, Kpop je ke..

Give them a chance first.
If they really copied Kpop and you're so pissed off about it,
Then boleh la kutuk...kalau nk sangat mengutuk tu...

-I don't think all these groups tried to copy Kpop.Oklah, Kpop jugak la.. Kru-Pop.

Why am I doing this I don't even know lol
bosan dgn fanatic Korea yg dok bash x tentu pasal
chill oux la beb...

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