Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Money matters to me~

Never thought that I'll get my allowance before going back home.

Usually, if I get my allowance I'll be the happiest person in the world!
and no, not only me, all 52 of us will be the happiest creatures in the world ..
but I wasn't really that much excited. Maybe because I was soo sure that our next
allowance will only be given on June, and -
I had already accept the fact that I'll go back to Malaysia with just
a pound in my pocket- BUT!
but the allowance is given a month early! Good!.. really?

It's good because
now we have extra money to buy presents and gifts to our family and relatives in Malaysia,
and plus, I'm not sure if I'll be going back home next summer,
so.. if I don't get you a present now, you'll have to wait for  2 more years...
geezz..I don't know why, but I'm excited to buy everyone a gift.
I've been getting a lot of nightmares of me going back to Malaysia but forget to buy a present,
or me going back to Malaysia but left all the presents under the bed!

Sometimes, having so much money in your account can be quite troublesome.
Especially if you like to spend money on 'weird-weird' things like me.
and you have your own so-called 'credit card' with you
and you have eBay, Amazon
and whatever online rubbish they try to sell to you..
I can't... I can't resist the temptation!!

I want to organize and plan my expenses so
I won't be wasting it on Kens fried chickens, Peter Pan plushie,
or Tokio Hotel guitar pick necklace.. (and other random things..)
but I am horrible with calculation and HATE to keep checking on my money,
it's just so scary to see the decreasing numbers..lol

I think the allowance we get is more than what we deserve.
Yet, we still complain and hope for more.
But really, I think;
the more we get, the more we waste..
so... I don't know.. just try to be wise when spending..?

Almost wanna buy this on eBay, 
luckily I'm moving out!

I really want to hire Mimi as my personal financial.. or finance (sorry, which one is right?) helper.
She seems so good with math and money.
If I tell her this, she deff' think I'm joking but really, I'm damn serious.

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