Saturday, May 21, 2011

iPod 5 and Rihanna.

I know iPhone 5th gen is coming out but never know that..
iPod 5 is also going to be released this September.

No wonder the price of iPod 4 is dropping down,
everyone is selling their old iPod to get the new one.

(But why September???)
I really like iPod 4 though,
It has camera, internet,
great games, great apps and video/movies players.

(even though.. I don't really understand why you need a camera on your 'mp3' player?)
(It's like.. why do you need a radio in your camera..
..or a video player on your washing machine or.. ect ect)

I guess everything needs to be multifunction and multipurpose today.

-iPod 4 is juz good enough, I wonder what things would they add to iPod 5.

 Rihanna's new song.

I quite like Rihanna's new song, -well, it's not that new, it's actually last year's song-
Before this, I think Rihanna is the 'princess of the annoying songs'.
I absolutely hate her songs, -'The only Girl in the World' 'Na na na..What's my Name'-
Soo annoying!! and my neighbors downstairs like to play these songs repetitively!

but her new song, California King Bed is soo nice! -the title is odd, I know.

Glad that Rihanna starting to sing 'a real music' back.

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