Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why why why freaking why.

Why is it soo difficult for me to do my assignments?
I don't understand. (scream!!)


Is it because the questions are so freaking hard?
Is it because I'm just thinking about going home?


Because I never pay attention in classes?

I'm eating too many unhealthy food?

I'm getting dumber each days?

I'm more worried about the exams?

I'm just a lazy bum?

I'm not trying hard enough?



I think I'm just not in the mood to do some extra-thinking.
I'm so lazy, lazy, lazy!!!
Omg, I really wish I can pay someone to do all my work!
Lecturers also should give us easier tasks la..
You know I'm not that clever..T-T
arghh!!!! I'm goinng crazzy~

This is all your fault! stop being so gud-lookin..kekeke

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