Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sushi- (◠‿◠)

Whenever I feel hungry I always remember the sushi shop I went in Birmingham.
It's called "Woktastic-noodle&sushi bar."

I'm not a sushi lover, they're pricey, and not even filling.
and they taste just ..okay.

But it's definitely worth to eat sushi in this shop, because as you can see from their
flyer here;

They're Halal,
and they have buffet option, where you just have to pay, £11.99
and you can eat as much sushi as you want,
I repeat,
as much sushi as you WANT!
and because they're halal, that means there's no limitation only to veggie sushi..yay!

 in the shop..
 when our sushi plates started to become a mountain...he3
Holding chopsticks just for picture purpose, I can't even lift an eraser with chopsticks =_=''.

They did mention that we are allowed to sit only for 75 minutes in the shop,
but I think this only applies during peak hours.
And they'll charge 75 pence (per plate) for unfinished food, so be careful when you choose the food, you have to swallow it all!

I was quite sad cuz only able to eat about 12 plates of sushi,
the others went as far as 20 plates..woahh~ bravo.. 
I get full easily, that's why I don't prefer buffet.

Since that day, whenever I feel hungry I just wish I could go back to this shop
and order buffet sushi again! ahhh~!!

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