Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Done! Now what?

I'm done with e-portfolio.
But why am I not happy??
I didn't do my best.. asal siap aje..
I wanna impress Susan but I'm just too 'unfocussed' to do anything.
I hope you don't fail me, Susan..
then we are not friends anymore =(

Less than 2 weeks to go back home.
I'm not ready!!!
Too soon, too soon!
why am I suddenly sooo.. not excited to leave UK?
I thought I really wanna go home?
I don't know.
I just hope for more time. pliz!

Maybe because I'm too lazy to pack my things?
maybe because I still wanna download more movies/dramas/animes b4 I go home?
maybe because I'm too sad to say good bye to my room?
maybe because I still haven't buy enough gifts and presents?
maybe maybe maybe maybe
I'm just falling deeply in with this place..?

why am I talking like I don't have to go back to UK again =_=
U think u have graduated is it........

I don't study, I just wanna have fun fun fun all the time
How do I call myself a university student? errk..I don't know.

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