Friday, May 6, 2011

One Noisy Night.

Last night was the first, noisy night of the week. I was sleeping at that time, -it's only 10 pm, he3- but I was soo sleepy after the whole university-observation thing- and..I was awakened by a very sudden loud voice, which I thought belong to some bunch of hungry dragons at first- it turned out that, the boys and the girls are having 'parrtyy time' at the kitchen.

It's sooooo annoyingly noisy that I feel like going out and 'flying kick' each one of them.They were singing, they were laughing, they were shouting, they were yelling, in a retarded-drunken be. ??? (-screams in silent-) and they were popping balloons! You don't popping balloons near Faiqah! that's unforgivable. urghh...Can't tolerate with balloons.

After a while- things went silent. Just as I thought the party was over, I heard noises again. Some unknown guy was wondering along my corridor, with bottle in his hand and mumbling something. I didn't saw him, obviously; but I can guess, because he was 'knocking' the bottle on everyone's door. It's a glass bottle. Imagine how eerie the sound is. That guy was definitely drunk and I really, really wish someone was brave enough to go out and kick this guy out of my corridor. It's disturbing because I can feel like he was just sitting outside my door and I'm scared that he would smashed the bottle onto my door.

After a while..that guy left. Good. But not long after that, my poor windows were attacked by some mischievous kids down below. I think it's a girl and a boy, (based on their voices) tossing some small rocks or maybe rubbish at my windows. What the hell- are you guys doing..? You think that's soo romantic, what? Throwing rubbish at someone's windows with your boyfriend...stuuupid~~~~

After three weeks of completely silent nights, I am so unprepared for chaotic nights like this. I think those crazy people were just jealous because I went to sleep at 9 pm, so they tried everything to disturb me. -XoXo-

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