Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Cause none of us were Angels...

-There's a lot of things I still don't understand-

Kinda sad if you go watch any religious videos on Youtube, or read any religious forums, news, blogs.. ect,ect.. there's always gonna be a fight between people. People of the same religions, people of different religions, people with no religions...

It's good to discuss on the matter of religions, I mean, it helps to clear misunderstandings and stuff,
but some people are just soo immaturely rude.

If you go on any Hijab videos on Youtube, (even on videos like hijab wearing tutorials,ect)
There's ALWAYS gonna be some people randomly comment;

"Why do Muslim girl need to cover their head? I think that's silly"

and as usual, there will be hundred responses from
angry Muslims and then the other non-Muslims will also join the fight
and you will have endless comments of cursing and swearing
as well as Quran and Bible quotes~
on a video of a girl, giving tutorial on how to wear a hijab pashmina style.

What I'm trying to say here, 
Why can't you be more mature and respectful?

I truly believe we need to respect each other,
regardless our differences in belief, religions, races, nationality, gender, age.. ect.
I mean, come on, 'discrimination' is so out-of-style
it's 2011, people! Why do you have to act like a bunch of primitive?

Still don't get what I'm trying to say?

I just don't agree the way some Muslim people explain on our religion to others,
like this one here;

"That's because it's stated in our Quran! don't mess with us, you better shut your mouth up!"
" I hope all of you who dare to insult Muslims will burn in hell, ha ha ha!"
- Islam4life990
"Get the f**k out of here, you non-believers, don't insult Islam, you f**kers, fs%Eg3v&%!!!!

Aand..those are not real comments and real names but
they resembles pretty much like the comments on the videos.

Sometimes I just don't understand people; who declares to the whole world,
"ooh, I'm a real Muslim and I pray and I love God" and all that 
but didn't act like a Muslim SHOULD ACT.
Come on, you should portray the beauty of Islam through your behaviour.
How are people gonna respect Islam if the Muslim themselves are so painfully rude.
I think if you explain them about Islam nicely and politely,
people are gonna respect you more, no doubt about that.

I don't think a Muslim who really obeys Allah 
would even use the word F**k to scold the non-Muslim,,
no matter how angry s/he was.

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