Friday, May 13, 2011


Boys cannot wear anything pink -or people will call em GAY.
 Boys cannot smile or make signals to other boys -or people will call em GAY
 Boys cannot dance to Britney Spears songs -or people will call em GAY
  Boys cannot hang around at their friends room, not wearing shirts -or people will call them GAY
 Boys cannot mess around, hugging other boys -or people will call them GAY.

seriously? what is the definition of GAY?


"Playing football with a bunch of 6 years old..what could be more gay than that?"
"What do you think about this shirt? "...urghh..that's so gay."
" Look at this, this is the gayest video ever!"


" Tengok muka pon dah jambu.. nampak sangat gay..."
"Takkan gay kot.. dia ada girlfriend la.."
"Iye??.. tak kusangka bisexual rupenye!"
=_='' Pulak dah...

But it's usually- boys who like accusing other boys to be gay.
Waiiii??? I don't understand.

gay, gay, gay, gay...
the famous word for this decade.

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